Dynamic Mobile Media  Inc. have created the embedded PC & Re-writable DVD high definition LCD displays that can perform multimedia functions without the use of an external computer to offer a total indoor and outdoor solution for digital signage applications. Dynamic Mobile Media designs and manufactures a 32-inch, 42-inch, and 47-inch LCD HD integrated PC with multi-picture in picture PC television that enables every user and corporate user to seamlessly deploy an extraordinary visual impression with the finest digital image available. Dynamic Mobile Media is aiming to create an extraordinary visual impression with the advanced quality and the finest video image technology available in the LCD PCTV industry.

 The enhanced Dynamic Mobile Media LCD PC TV displays can integrate and deploy along with optional media management software, content services and customer support outlets and allows graphics and full motion video to be uploaded via TCP/IP network connection to create and provide for digital visual signage and messaging solutions for medium to large sized retail organizations, kiosk, public service venues , communications, and general business markets.

It’s Becoming Increasingly Difficult to Effectively Reach Advertisers’ Desired Audience Using Traditional Means. Dynamic Mobile Media High Definition Displays’ LCD integrated PC with Integrated Cross-Media LCD HD Screens creates a network for A New Distribution Channel for advertising and information!

Dynamic Mobile Media custom designs and builds it’s  own flat screen LCD PC video displays in either a 32 Inch, 42 Inch or 47 Inch LCD model that contains a fully functional personal computer built within the cabinetry of the unit to create a self-contained computer and display. Touch Screens are also optionally available on all models.

All-in-one LCD PC creates a ” Digital Poster “!

Dynamic Mobile Media LCD PC is Internet Addressable. Control multiple LCD PC displays allowing graphics and motion video to be uploaded via the Internet TCP/IP network connection.

Optional Authoring digital signage software to seamlessly combine PC, text, graphic, sound and video into broadcast – quality multimedia on the embedded computer to author and schedule professional media in an attention-grabbing environment for virtually true high definition LCD HD PC display application.

This Dynamic Mobile Media 42″ high definition LCD PC screen will maximize company’s focus of reaching the customer through a revolutionary new multimedia advertising medium. Consumers Tend to Respond to Advertising That Is Closer to the Point-of-purchase During “Prime-time” Hours .The screen not only have the capability of capturing the consumer through subliminal sight and sound advertising, but offers multiple picture in picture, picture by picture-split screen television functionality’s, banner information and “public service” announcements as well. This will allow all three functions to happen simultaneously! In addition, video conferencing capabilities can be offered to commercial and industrial customers.

Dynamic Mobile Media 4276-DS 42-inch HD LCD screens with optional integrated digital signage solutions will be the Next Generation of Advertising! From retail dynamic digital signage to government and education to commercial business communications, pre-installed digital signage authoring software gives users more creative control with the files they already have produced with other industry-standard applications. Be confident of the work being sent out thanks to unlimited levels of undo and multi-lingual spell check then distribute the content to cable head ends, kiosks, or remote Dynamic Mobile Media LCD PC screens.

The design of Dynamic Mobile Media4276-DS is a Signage Distribution Model which is easily upgradeable, can be maintained via a central location and is modular to meet customizable configurations. Creating a Distribution Platform by Dynamic Mobile Media 42″ high definition LCD PC screen and integrates Broadcast Quality Video, Interactive Information on Demand and Traditional Advertising Messages in a Unique, Flexible & Programmable Platform will continuously reaches business audiences.

The embedded PC LCD displays are highly targeted:
1) Business Professionals Close to Media Point-of-Purchase
2) Combined in Attractive, Easy to Install Platforms-Time Sensitive
3) Advertising-Revenue Driven Model-Sight Sound and Motion
4) Centralized Network Control Speed To Market and Flexibility
5) Filling Gaps in the Out-Of-Home Advertising Market
6) Adaptable to Vast Array of Venues
7) Place-Specific News and Information Live over Internet
8) Valuable Public Service Information
9) Consumer Marketplaces

Currently Available In  LCD LED High Definition  (HD) PC TV

32 Inch, 42 Inch or 65 Inch LCD LED  HD PC TV

Available With An Optional

Touch Screen if Required

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Digital Signage Captures The Attention Of Shoppers In Retail Locations

Over Conventional Poster Advertisements Whether Your Indoor or Outdoors!

Digital Signage & Point of Purchase & Point of Sale Displays

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is the next generation of advertising. It utilizes the internet to dynamically display advertisements on different types of screens including LCD HD displays. Whether you are promoting sales at a retail store or posting a menu at a restaurant, LCD HD based digital signage is the perfect solution for your application. Dynamic Mobile Media provides the ultimate in LCD LED HD displays for your digital signage needs. LCD LED HD screens provide the perfect picture for static images, animated sequences, or live video feeds.

How Does Digital Signage work?

In traditional Digital Signage systems, the display devices are connected to a server at the business location. The server is then connected to the Internet and is manipulated via a remote location. Dynamic Mobile Media introduces the model IX4266-DS, first ever integrated LCD LED HD Display System. This unique LCD HD display offers the quality and convenience of a LCD LED HD screen but also features a built in computer and optional DVD player. This LCD HD system is internet addressable with integrated software that allows graphics and full motion video to be uploaded via a TCP/IP network connection. The computer is designed based on the advertiser’s specifications allowing for greater flexibility.

The built-in DVD player makes the perfect media player, but the additional video inputs allow other media devices to be incorporated as well such as a VCR or a digital cable box. LCD LED HD PC ads deliver high-quality multimedia based advertising and information using broadband networks to LCD LED HD screens. Screens at multiple locations can be updated automatically at different times, can be changed locally using the wireless keyboard or from a remote computer connected to the screens via a network.

Quick & Easy Content Updates Customizable Messages: With digital signage you can customize and schedule your messages based on demographics, time of day and more. Due to its networking, a Digital Signage System allows you to change content at multiple locations from one remote authoring station. Change your advertising message quickly on displays in one venue, or on any screen anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Uses Standard Media Files Utilization of Real-estate Space: With digital signage you can replace one static poster with an unlimited number of dynamic advertisements in the same retail space. Don’t redo your existing campaigns – that takes money and resources! Regenerate existing creative content from TV, print, or Web advertising for use on the system.

Great Return on Investment: Digital signs act as your silent but effective salesperson. Customers view dynamic, full motion video right at the point of sale when they are making their purchase decisions, digital signage outsells static displays.

Make Money for a Change: Save Time and Cost! You can turn your Digital Signage Network into a profit center by selling advertising time to your suppliers. You do not have the hassles of coordinating the manufacturing, distribution and installation of traditional signage. Because you eliminate the need to print and distribute static signs every time you change your message or campaign, you save on printing costs and processing time. What you will have is instant digital programming with informative and entertaining content. Best of all, this service can be offered to more advertisers than ever possible with static advertising with less clutter and waste!

LOOK At Us! Attract Attention: Point-of Purchase The dynamic motion of multimedia is bound to get your customers’ attention. A digital LCD LED HD sign with the full color image makes a more dramatic impact which has the stopping power to get your customers’ attention. Once you have commanded their attention, you have an opportunity to influence their buying decisions.


Retail Malls Retailers Convenience Stores Restaurants Supermarkets Auto Dealerships Public Venues Museum Exhibits Airports Office Lobbies Night Clubs Convention Centers Stadiums/Arenas Movie Theater’s Universities Health Facilities Hotels Business Meetings Waiting areas in railway and metro stations Teaching and research symposiums Financial ,Stock Exchanges Credit Union Banking Transaction halls of securities companies Industry


Signage Solutions Provider

A media buying system that utilizes your customer’s brand to secure advertisement and advertiser authorization system. All advertisers and advertisements can be rejected based on your ad placement criteria. A web based advertising inventory management system for your customers. A fully automated and manageable system allowing your customers to continually add new signage coverage. Commerce services are fully automated. Increased advertising inventory for existing coverage. Access to advertiser account lists and buying profiles and Media placement can be offered from your customers or your web site.


Advertisement portfolio stores all ads for repeat use at any digital signage location. Campaign scheduling system uses a graphically intuitive media buying interface. Advertisers can easily change advertisement content for their campaigns in real time and as often as they desire. Execute campaigns for preferred demographics or site classification. Utilize existing advertisements – business can leverage their investment in existing television and internet advertisements. Consumers may complete advertisement effectiveness surveys provided by advertisers for each advertisement. Advertisement product and service description, referral links, and promotions can be extended to businesses and consumers.


Watch ads that are being displayed Search and recall advertisements or view ads for pleasure from the web. Consumers can be rewarded for completing advertisement effectiveness surveys Referral links and discounts for consumers can be provided by advertisers.

Digital Signage At The Gas Pump

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Ultra Bright LCD LED HD Gas Pump Advertising Displays

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